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· Reserve the studio by the hour
· Staff are here to help

What We Do

You have ideas that need to get out there!  We make it easy to create your content.

DIY Recording

Do it yourself by booking the studio for an hour to make all your videos easily. Our staff are here to assist with your recording, if you need it.

Creative Direction

Need some help with ideas? Our creative directors can help you write scripts, and help you make a video within your budget.

Editing to Final Publishing

Our staff are able help you from start to finish. Only pay for the services you need.
Contact us at 407-832-5898

How We Help You

A home setup makes it challenging to make quality content. You’ve got distractions of all kinds, noises you didn’t even know existed until you heard it on your recording. Proper lighting is hard. It can be annoying to setup and tear down the lights and cameras and microphones every time. 

You’ve come to the right place.  CFL Studio is designed for you if you are trying to make a lecture series, a podcast, or a YouTube video.

The Central Florida Studio is here to help you make video content and make podcast content.  The studio is equipped with cameras and microphones and everything you need to make high quality video content.

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