Vision · Creative Direction · Podcasting · Video Production · Short Films

I love finding stories, writing short films, casting vision and making it clear through editing video.  Co-host of the Live Alive Podcast and producer of the Lost Magic Podcast.  

David Pezzoli

Creative Direction

Your system is perfectly designed to get the results you are getting.  If you need different results, I love reverse engineering and re-building solutions that solve complex problems. I moonlight as an audio engineer.

Matt Webb


I find and write stories all over the world, and love helping to put the color in any situation.  Co-host of the Live Alive Podcast, writer of the Lost Magic Podcast.  

Jeremy Schurke

Writing and podcasting

What started at UCF’s film school has led me to running a studio and teaching film and video arts.  You will find me making stories no matter where I go.

Noah Seta

editing · Cameras · directing